Leave the I’m Too Busy to Workout Attitude Behind!

I’ve been terribly guilty of not taking care of myself, blaming it on my job and continuing to add more and more to my already busy schedule…then complaining about it!   Ahh, it feels so good to get that off my chest!
My poor girl friends have had to endure my endless bitching and my husband has had to try and keep up with me during the weekends so that I can try to get a week’s worth of workouts in in two days!
All of that’s behind me now…I’ve had a workout revelation!

Stop the Glorification of Busy

For years I’ve lived by the “go hard or go home” attitude and it just isn’t working at the moment.  As a first grade teacher the school year means I am super busy with work and I find it hard to regularly get up at 4am to workout but, if I put it off until after work I miss out on my own children’s activities.  Enter quick workout tips;
  • Find a workout buddy to keep you motivated.  Go for a run, walk or a yoga class with this friend…it’s great bonding time.
  • Keep a gym bag and an extra set of workout clothes in your car to get a workout in whenever the opportunity arrises.
  • Workout at home ~ Run outside or do some total body workouts with at home weights.
  • Go on a hike ~ Nothing is like a nice hike to great views during a summer or spring day. The right hiking boots make all the difference.

Everyone is different so don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t forget to slow down and make time for yourself!  Working out just a few minutes a day will significantly improve your health.  Our bodies respond to consistent exercise not time based exercise so stop the “I’m too busy” attitude and get fit!

Check out Women’s Health for lots of quick workouts!

What’s your best quick workout tip?

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